6 Oct

My baby’s excited to get her ears pierced today. Which is how things should have been in the first place. Now she is 7. Now she wants it. Now she’s willing to go through the pain to have it.

I was pissed (she was too) when we had her ears pierced when she was a teeny baby because I did it just to shut people up. I was a new mom and didn’t handle the pressure of people telling me what to do with my baby well. You won’t believe how much her unpierced ears bothered people. It was ridiculous. People would go on and on about how she looked like a boy because she was bald and didn’t have earrings.

I used to think, “Wow, haven’t these people seen My Girl?”

When we took her to the doctor to get her ears pierced the first time, and she wailed at the doctor’s clinic, I felt I had betrayed her so I could make people lay off me.

Yes, I like to overthink things. LOL.

No, but seriously, now the act of getting her ears pierced becomes a meaningful act even though her reason for wanting it is totally superficial (she wants to wear glittery things on her ears).


The Parenting Journey: What to Expect

29 Aug

When it comes to raising children, I sound like a broken record because I always say, “time flies”. When you’re losing sleep, struggling to keep your house clean, and at the end of your rope when it comes to disciplining your toddler, it’s hard to see that all your struggles will eventually (soon enough even!) end, BUT in the blink of an eye, your child is suddenly 7 years old and talks like a little adult. Honestly, you end up missing the little rascal that drove you up the wall.

Right now I am kicking myself for deleting my old blog, the one I had when I found out I was pregnant with Nicole. It contained all the details of my pregnancy, from getting tested at a family clinic to finally giving birth and breathing a sigh of relief that my baby’s cute. LOL. It would’ve been nice to be able to reminisce about my pregnancy, the “bestest” period of my life.

When my mom found out I was pregnant with Nicole, she handed me a small pile of books that included my pregnancy bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. If you’re currently pregnant, I suggest you pick up this book.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you’re pregnant with your fist child, but reading up can help calm your nerves. You cannot learn everything you need to know about being pregnant and raising your child by reading a single book (sometimes panic can still set in), but getting a comprehensive book like What to Expect can still help a great deal.

Nicole turned 7 a few weeks ago. While I am super proud I am raising an independent kid, I can’t help but feel a little sad. For those who are reading this blog for the first time, I have no more uterus, which means Nicole is the only kid I will ever have (unless of course we adopt). This means that my parenting journey is, in a way, a third of the way through. The last 7 years have been incredible. Let me tell you, parenting is a roller coaster ride, both exhilarating and scary, you can’t prepare enough for it.

I didn’t get to read the following books but I bet they’re incredibly helpful for first time parents as well.


Time Flies

1 Mar

There are moments when  life is so perfect and I’m so happy with Nicole I try to take a mental picture and I pray, “Dear God, don’t let me forget this moment. Don’t let me forget the expression on Nicole’s face, or how I feel right now.”

All mothers who are in love with their children often say time passes by too quickly. You want to be able to freeze time but you also don’t want to; because this little person you are so in love with gets even prettier, smarter, and just overall better with the passing of time.

Nicole tells me she will live with me forever; that she will travel with me when she’s an adult. She even tells me she’ll go home to me even when she’s already in college. And yet, looking at how her personality has grown in just a year, how she insists her dad and I can go off and leave her alone in the house (she’s only 6 so we don’t), and how she spends her free days at her friend’s house, I just know she’ll go off and have many adventures on her own without me. It’s all bittersweet. I’d be afraid if she decided to live with me forever. LOL. And yet it’s also sad to think about the day she’ll finally be off on her own.

Today I sent Nicole to school with a folder containing her baby pictures. They’re having their pictures taken for their prep graduation and they’re going to use the baby photos for their graduation slideshow (or yearbook, I’m not sure). So last night, I went through CDs and hard drives to look for her baby pics (our photo archive’s a crazy mess). I showed Nic her baby pictures and she giggled at all her naked photos. She also told me not to submit the photo below to her school because she didn’t have teeth in it.

My 6-year-old sweetie, embarrassed about her toothless grin that I loved. It’s all bittersweet I tell you.

Beware of Online Scam: Online “Boyfriend” Sending Goods

12 Aug

Last week my husband told me the story of how his office mate (he started a new job, yay!) was scammed by her “boyfriend”.

Here’s how it all went down:

  • Foreign boy adds girl on Facebook
  • Boy and girl form friendship
  • Boy and girl exchange messages online
  • Boy and girl become a couple
  • Boy tells girl he sent a balikbayan box containing expensive gadgets (ipad, iphone, etc.) and a handbag that contains money inside (approximately half a million pesos). Seriously, no one falls in love that hard online.
  • After a few days, girl receives anonymous phone call from the “customs” of a country I can’t remember now; package said to be on hold because of the money that was inside the bag. Girl was told to send $500 for “customs clearing”
  • Girl borrows money from people so she can send $ to “customs”
  • Girl declined service at Western Union 2x; was told to verify recipient because it could possibly be a scam
  • Girl goes to a different remittance center to send money
  • A few days later, girl receives another phone call saying box is now in another country, once again on hold at “customs”. The caller is now asking for $2000
  • Now everyone knows the girl’s been scammed, but,
  • Girl now worried about where to get $2000.  O_O

I really think it’s OK to add people you don’t know online (I’ve formed good relationships with people I only met on the internet) BUT:

  • Don’t send money to people you haven’t met personally.
  • Only lend money you can afford to lose (and still, only to people you know).
  • Do not fall for get-rich quick schemes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If anyone tells you a person you know has been in an accident/detained/lost all his money in a foreign country and can’t afford to go home, call the person first, or find other ways to verify the story.
  • Keep your online accounts up-to-date.
  • Use alphanumeric passwords for important online accounts.
  • Do not allow other people to use any of your financial accounts.
  • Make sure you type the URL when accessing paypal or other financial portals instead of relying on your browser history or worse, accessing the portal through links inside emails.

Summer is Over

9 Jun

That went by pretty quick! The year’s just whizzing by.  I can’t believe half the year is already over.

Like I said in my previous post, my husband lost his job in March this year. So we’ve all been chilling at home. My daughter got to go on 3 swim trips, and we just spent Mother’s Day at the New World Hotel. I think our summer was a success even if we didn’t do go on any out-of-town trips.

The biggest surprise of the summer is how quickly my daughter made friends with our neighbor’s daughter, Alexa. They interacted at the school van the last day of school when everyone at their school was sent home at noon, and the driver took them home the same time. They spent all summer together.

Alexa also invited Nicole to join her at this year’s Jollibee Kids Scout program. That’s the second nicest surprise this summer. I didn’t think Nicole would have as much fun as she did (and for just P500!). She remembers all the lessons her Jollibee kuyas and ates taught her. Nicole was given her own Jollibee shirt and cap; and all the snacks for the 5-day program were already included in the P500 fee.

I know I should have posted this a bit earlier in the summer so other parents would have had the opportunity to enroll their kids in the program, but I really have a major blogging backlog, and am only trying to catch up now. Hey, there’s always next year! 🙂

Jollibee Kids Scout Art Class (Day 3)


23 May

A few months ago, I hinted that things were going to change for our family this year. In October last year, my husband’s company informed his team that their division would be dissolved and support services for their product would be transferred to India. The company gave them 6 months to prepare for this change. Jay spent his last day at work last Feb. 28.

While I had a slight fear things might get a little difficult for us emotionally and financially, things are not bad at all. Except for the days Jay gets restless at home, we actually have great days.  Financially, things are not difficult because Jay received a good amount of money from his old company. Not a huge amount, but certainly enough for us to get by.

First thing we did was pay off some left-over debt. (One of these days I will blog how important it is to pay debt). Now, we just do as much freelance work as we can, so that we have money coming in to take care of our expenses.

Life is good. Everyday I thank God for the life I have. Everyday we wake up and we’re all together. To me that is all that matters.

And This is Why I Send Nicole to Her School

24 Feb

Nicole does not know how to read yet. Which is fine. We’re not in a hurry (plus this topic requires a separate blog post altogether).

But I love her school because I really think they’re helping me mold Nicole to be the kind of person I want her to be. You know, the kind of person who even if she weren’t my daughter, I would like.

The other day she went home with a Get Well Soon card from her entire class.

Of course I cried! I cry about everything.

Get Well Soon Card from The Kinder Bubuyog Class

The kids in her class said they will give me hearts and flowers so I would get better soon. One kid said he’ll give me a pillow! ❤

Reading, Writing, Math are things you can continue to learn and get better at through the years. Compassion, self-awareness, love for the environment and the other good traits they teach Nicole at her school, are stuff I believe are important for kids to learn VERY EARLY in life.