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A Mommy Review of the iPad

29 Jun

I spent 5 years of my life selling computer hardware and data services but I am not really a huge gadget freak.  I use an old phone for sending SMS, I use an Acer Aspire (and it sucks) for writing articles, and we only have an iPod shuffle (512MB) that my husband and I share. I usually don’t see the need to acquire the latest gadgets as they come out in the market. But of course when I won a new iPad at an event (the launch of, I was still very happy. I think I was happy because it validated my self-view that I am lucky plus it really is such a thrill to win prizes, big or small.

I won the 16GB iPad a week ago and I haven’t really used it much.  If it were up to me I would sell it and get a really, really good acoustic guitar.  But my husband wants to keep it so we’re keeping it. The guitar is really intended for him anyway because I don’t know how to play any musical instrument 😛  I just figured we’ll probably get a maximum of 5 years of good use from the iPad but the guitar will last us a lifetime.

Anyway, the best use I’ve had out of the iPad is checking Twitter on the “throne” while doing my business in the morning. I wake up, go to the toilet and spend 20-30 minutes reading the tweets that were posted while I was asleep.  You probably think that’s gross but just imagine what I used to do when I didn’t have the iPad yet.  Yes, I read tweets and email on my Acer while I was on the toilet.

The Twitter Bird

Tweeting on The Toilet 🙂

We have only downloaded a few apps, all of them free. Nicole, my 4-year-old daughter, has her Toy Story Read-Along App.

The Toy Story Read-Along App

I downloaded the free game Farm Story for her. But my husband, Jay, ended up taking over the farm, playing it every chance he gets (when he gets home from work, before he goes to sleep, before he eats his meals, after he eats his meals, you get the drift).  I never got addicted to the game Farmville on Facebook, but my husband did, so this is like Jay’s Farmville addiction 2.0.  We tried playing Farmville on Twitter and it wasn’t a good experience, mainly because the app just allowed you to connect to your farm on Facebook. Farm Story seems to be an app created specifically for the iPad.

Farm Story iPad App

We also downloaded: Draw Free (which Nic uses to doodle) and Rush Hour Free (which is a puzzle).

I also use the iPad for reading the hundred or so blogs I follow on Bloglovin.  It’s the most convenient thing: blog-hopping while stretched out on the bed. I also use it to check Facebook once in a while.  Jay uses the iPad to consume content- videos, music, etc. He already has three Pearl Jam videos in it and hundreds of songs. As you can see, Jay and I have totally different uses for it. I’m a social networking gal that feels the need to stay connected even while on the toilet. Jay is a content monster that feeds on TV shows, music, videos and other content.

I would probably have more use for it if I didn’t spend the whole day online on my Acer anyway or if I were actually MOBILE.  I’m a stay-at-home mom that is no gadget freak so the iPad isn’t exactly something I would spend hundreds of dollars on.

It did come handy last Sunday when we were getting verification from an online friend regarding the address of a restaurant where we were supposed to meet. While at the mall that offered free Wi-Fi, I was able to access my Facebook account to read my online buddy’s message which she sent after we had already left home.

I guess like every other product, the iPad fills the needs of certain people and not others’.

* all apps’ photos from itunes


Here I go again

28 Jun

This is the second time I am launching Mommy and Money. I started this website in blogger in 2007, registered a domain for it in 2008 and deleted the whole thing in 2009. I let my domain name expire which is why it now costs more if I want to get it back. *Groans*.

In the meantime, I am testing the waters and parking it free here in wordpress. Let’s see how this blog will develop. I will worry about the domain name and hosting later on.

I’m not sure why, but there has always been hesitation on my part to build a blog  for topics related to motherhood and finances even if, as my friend Arlene pointed out, they’re practically the things I write about in my personal blog- Sweet Hopia.

So here I go again. I hope this works out this time.