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How Nicole Got Her Passport Through TELESERV

29 Jul

Here’s the step-by-step process on how we applied for Nicole’s passport.

Nicole at Counter #30 ūüôā


  • Jay called¬† TELESERV at 737-1111 and requested for Nicole’s NSO-printed birth certificate.
  • We went to an RCPI center to pay the fee (I think the fee was less than P400). The rate was pretty affordable considering we didn’t have to go to NSO, line up, and spend on transportation and food. Plus Jay only spent 10 minutes on the TELESERV¬†phone call. So¬†no time wasted.
  • Birth certificate was delivered to our home four days later.
  • Jay called 737-1000 (TELESERV number for passport scheduling) to schedule the DFA appointment. Jay called last May, we were scheduled today- July 29. If you intend to get a passport, set an appointment NOW.¬† The problem is not with Teleserv but with passport issuance at DFA.¬† I can’t remember why passport scheduling takes that long. It was in the news a few months back.
  • Nicole’s schedule was at 9:30 AM today. We went to DFA¬† early, around 7:30 AM.¬† Nicole was accomodated at the senior citizens’ and children’s lane. (YAY! no long lines!).¬†
  • We had¬†the document from TELESERV verified and¬†got a number for the first step: submission of documents. (TELESERV will give you a list of requirements.¬†)
  • After submitting all the requirements,¬†the man at the counter decided to issue a passport to Nicole, he¬†gave us the billing.
  • We paid at the counter. The fee was P 1,200.
  • We got a number for passport¬†enrollment.
  • Nicole’s photo taken at counter #30.¬† We verified data on the screen.¬† I signed the form.
  • We paid for passport delivery through LBC: P120.
  • EXIT

The whole process may seem long,¬†but I swear it was pretty painless.¬† I’m sure it’s harder for adults who have to go through the regular lanes.

Other people accomodated at the special lane:  Government employees with GSIS and Civil Service Eligibility, Baranggay Officials: Brgy. Captain, Kagawad, and SK Chairman,  and Retired government employees (provided a year has NOT passed since the day of retirement).


I’m Not as Green as I Would Like to Be

22 Jul

But I really try.

I can’t embed this video right now, click on the link to watch the story of cosmetics.

6 Years and Counting

19 Jul

That’s how long I have been a child sponsor for World Vision.¬† It’s not a huge deal (I only sponsor 1 child, there are people who sponsor plenty of kids) but¬†I’m posting this¬†blog¬†so that you can consider sponsoring¬†a¬†scholar as well. Believe me, If¬†¬†I can sponsor a child, you can too.¬† For just P20 a day, you can change a child’s life.

The easiest way to sponsor a child is through your credit card. You can sign¬†a donor form¬†and send money through your credit card and forget about it.¬† Of course it is so much nicer if you can build a relationship with your sponsored child and if you can add more scholars to your list, but I know that with life ‘happening’, ¬†these can be a little tough to achieve. I think the important thing is to just really help whenever and in any way you can.

If you cannot afford to¬†sponsor a child at the moment¬†but would like to send a one-time donation or even send a child a gift, visit World Vision’s website here.¬† You can send different things that communities need for sustainability, from seedlings (P500) to livelihood trainings(P20,000).

*photo from WV website

 Learn more about child sponsorship here.

Happy Steps with Doc Martens

13 Jul

When I got my Doc Martens 1460 in Springtime in 2008, it was a HUGE deal for me. Growing up, I always wanted to own a pair of Doc Martens but because we were not financially well-off it was not possible for me to own a pair when I was a teen. I got my first pair of Doc Martens before I turned 30; they were a gift from my husband.¬†I love them because I’ve made some pretty good memories with them- They’ve become my lucky shoes ūüôā

I was wearing them when I met TV personality Ryan Agoncillo in 2009:

Me and My Husband with Ryan Agoncillo

You can’t see it in the photo but I was wearing my DMs then (I blogged about the experience here.)¬†I even took a photo of my DMs with my husband’s pair that day:

Wearing DMs at Virra Mall The Day We Met Ryan

Last month, I was wearing my lucky DMs when I won an iPad at a blogger event. You bet I was stoked when they handed me the gadget.

I Won an iPad Wearing my Fave Shoes ūüôā

I know it’s not really the shoes that bring me luck but my willingness to take the needed steps, even the hard ones, to create a happy and lucky life for myself ūüôā

I know I’ll be keeping my Doc Martens until they become completely worn out but this does not mean that I am not always looking for the next pair of shoes I would fall completely in love with. ¬†There is always a space in my life for a new sole sister.

My current sole sister:

At Home in my DMs :)

At Home in My DMs ūüôā

My future sole sister:

Sole Sister Ballerina Flats

‚ÄúThis post is for My Sole Sister Shoe Contest‚ÄĚ

What Does it Take to Cook Food Well?

10 Jul

For many years I hesitated calling myself a writer.  I used to reserve the term for people I admire.

I write, sure, but most of the things I have written are not at all compelling.¬†I could elicit a few laughs here and there, that’s about it; i cannot move people with my words.

“Write what you know”. ¬†What do I know? ūüėõ

For those of you who love to write and are good at it, here’s an opportunity for you to become a published writer and to win $10,000:¬†Write an essay on “What does it take to cook food well?” and submit your essay to¬†Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw Challenge.

For contest details, visit:

Quick! You Can Win a Marc Jacobs Bag

9 Jul

Go to NOW ūüôā

Contest ends tomorrow- July 10, 2010. ¬†Skip to The Bag Hag’s blog and leave a comment answering the following question:

Question: MARC JACOBS named a bag after a Filipino Blogger. WHO is that blogger?  Please post his Full Blogger Nickname.

ENTRY SHOULD BE IN THIS FORMAT: (Your Answer) BB ; (your Twitter ID) thebaghag; (Your City & Country) Makati City, Philippines

Go! ¬†Contest is also open to international readers ūüôā

How to Turn Off Your Credit Card in iTunes

3 Jul

Wow, 6 hours and counting and I still cannot completely get over the fact that I was charged $80 for We Rule mojos. Boo.

Anyway, a Twitter buddy told me that it is best to remove my credit card information in my iTunes and make purchases using iTunes gift cards instead.

I logged into our iTunes account but could not immediately find account settings. I love Google cause Google helped me find this thread, which lead me to this: iTunes support on account and billing.


Changing Account Information


Learn how to change your name, billing address, email address, and/or credit card information for your iTunes Store account.

How To

All of your account information can be changed from the Apple Account Information page. To get to the Apple Account Information page, follow these instructions:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Choose Store > Sign In.
  3. Enter your account name and password, then click the Sign In button.
  4. Choose Store > View My Account.
  5. Enter your account password and click the View Account button.

I hope this helps ūüôā