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Pagbabago: Making the Healthy Switch

31 Aug

I love baked goodies.  I love them so much that when I went “vegetarian” earlier this year, I was really nothing more than a breaditarian 🙂  I was eating more bread and pastries than veggies! My idea of personal heaven?  A bakery full of freshly baked stuff. I cannot think of a scent more beautiful than the smell of bread.

The things is, having all the baked goodies and sugary treats you want is fine, if you lead an active lifestyle.  Being a stay-at-home mom, the only physical activity I used to have was doing the laundry and I have a washing machine to help with that.

Last February, a  blood test revealed that my blood sugar was through the roof.  I also had high uric acid which resulted in joint pains.  Except for my knees, all the joints in my body hurt.  I was a 31-year-old mother suffering from high blood sugar and arthritis on top of having Pott’s disease.  I felt like an old car that needed a hundred repairs. I was in a very bad state physically.  Although I had struggled with excess weight all of my adult life, I always felt a quickie diet could fix things. I would switch from denial to acceptance and didn’t approach weight loss sensibly. I allowed the pounds to pile on.

Packing on the Pounds

Average Weight Gain Since Age 26: Five Pounds Per Year

In February, I’d had enough.  I finally got sick of being sick and fat. I decided- it doesn’t matter if it takes a long time, I WILL get healthy.

I started running.  I still run today although not as often as when I started.  I may have not lost a lot of weight but I feel so much better about my body. I no longer get easily tired and I feel so much stronger.  Walk/run 5K? Easy-peasy 🙂

Four Months Ago (left) and Today (right): My Jawline Has Reappeared 😉

I also switched to healthier alternatives of the sweet treats I love.  Like I said earlier- I love baked treats. I cannot imagine a life without breads and pastries.  So even if many people try to convince me to drop all carbohydrates from my diet, I simply cannot do it.  So I switched to low sugar and no sugar alternatives instead.  Thank you, Goldilocks for introducing sugar-free treats!

Merienda Time Has Become Goldilocks Go Lite Time

No Need to Drop All Sweet Treats From My Diet

I have lost 10 pounds in the last six months:  From 69.8 kilos I now weigh 65 kilos.  My weight loss probably sounds ridiculously low by other people’s weight loss standards but I’m happy with it since I only need to lose to 1 pound per month to counter the average of 5 pounds per year I gained in the last 5 years. Plus for the first time in my life, I am doing things right. Things are moving at a glacial pace but I am finally moving toward reaching normal weight without experiencing hunger pangs and frustrations.

Since implementing these changes in my lifestyle, I feel lighter and stronger; the joint pains went away almost instantly;  my blood sugar level is now normal; and as an added bonus my hair and skin look healthier. I gained all these benefits without depriving myself of the sweet stuff I love 🙂


Are You Missing Posts from People on Facebook?

26 Aug

Are you missing posts from friends and fan pages in Facebook because you didn’t see them  in your news feed?

Did you create a fan page for your business and have gotten feedback that your followers can’t see your updates in their feeds? The problem is not in your business page’s settings, it’s actually in your followers’.

When I created my personal Facebook account last year, I had set my news feed limit to 250.  That means that I could only see updates from 250 friends in my feed.  I now have more than 250 friends on Facebook and follow more than 2 dozen pages.  I had forgotten about my news feed limit and didn’t realize I was missing updates from people.

A quick change in the news feed settings solved the problem.  Now I can see all updates from friends and Facebook pages.

Here’s how to increase the news feed limit:

1. Go to the bottom of your news feed. You will see “edit options”. Click on it.

Edit Options (click to see larger version of photo)

2. When you click on it, you will see “Number of Friends”

Number of Friends Limit (click on photo)

3.  Enter a number into the box. Make sure you enter a high number so that you can see all the updates from your contacts.

“Control how many friends you want shown in live feed. A higher number means you will see new posts more frequently”.

I have changed my limit to 2000 just to be sure.

If your followers can’t see your page, ask them to increase their news feed limit.  I hope this helps.

Birthday Sweet Treat Option: Doughnuts

20 Aug

Nicole had a little Hello Kitty themed birthday celebration at school last Monday. If I knew how to bake or if I had money to order them, I would have served cupcakes.  But I didn’t so we served sugar-raised doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts to the kids.

With left-over Hello Kitty cut-outs from this project, my daughter Nicole and I made doughnut toppers.  We bought a pack of hard toothpicks at the public market: P5 for 100 and glued them to the back of the HKs.

Nicole Gluing Toothpicks to HK Cut-outs

Look how they turned out:

Doughnut with HK Topper

Doughnuts are perfect sweet treats for small celebrations because you can just buy them per box at the store.  You don’t have to be too careful about transporting them to the venue. My husband used his motorcycle to get doughnuts from the store. We brought the doughnuts to school in their boxes and just placed the toppers during the snack time.

Buy 1 Take 1 Whopper Jr.

19 Aug

Last week Jay and I decided to have a quick movie date before heading home from our Divisoria trip.

We got to the Mall Of Asia cinema at 5:10PM; the movie Salt was going to start at around 5:30 PM.  We decided to make a quick dash to the nearest burger joint- Burger King to get dinner. We didn’t know we’d stumble on the best burger deal in town:

Free Whopper Jr. at Burger King (photo from burger king's muliply page)

For P17o you get two (2) Whopper Jr. burgers, a large fries and a large (huge) drink.   I don’t know how else to describe it but –sakto sa lasa, sakto sa budget.

SM Cinema Expo

14 Aug

If I had extra money, I would attend this expo.  P550 for three days with free snacks.  Not bad at all.

(click on the photo to see larger version of the poster)

How To Make Kiddie Party Invites

5 Aug

1.) Print party details on plain paper. 

I used Centennial board paper for this. P29.95 (<$1) for 10 sheets from National Bookstore.  I only used 3 sheets because I printed 4 invites per page.

2.) Paste Character Cutouts to the invites.

I bought a pack of the Hello Kitty Chipboard Medley from Pandayan Bookstore.  Each pack costsP39.75  (<$1)and contains around 20 HK cutouts.  Nicole helped me glue the HK cutouts to the invites. You can use double-sided tape to make the process easier.  You can also choose to put double-sided tape on the back of the character (do not peel off cover of tape) and then paste the cutouts lightly on the invites so that the kids can re-use the cutout as sticker.

3.) Cut each invite to desired size and paste to Scrapbooking Paper.

Filstar scrapbooking paper costs P29.50 (<$1) per pack. One pack contains 4 sheets of assorted scrapbooking paper.

4.) Cut invites to create finished product.