Birthday Sweet Treat Option: Doughnuts

20 Aug

Nicole had a little Hello Kitty themed birthday celebration at school last Monday. If I knew how to bake or if I had money to order them, I would have served cupcakes.  But I didn’t so we served sugar-raised doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts to the kids.

With left-over Hello Kitty cut-outs from this project, my daughter Nicole and I made doughnut toppers.  We bought a pack of hard toothpicks at the public market: P5 for 100 and glued them to the back of the HKs.

Nicole Gluing Toothpicks to HK Cut-outs

Look how they turned out:

Doughnut with HK Topper

Doughnuts are perfect sweet treats for small celebrations because you can just buy them per box at the store.  You don’t have to be too careful about transporting them to the venue. My husband used his motorcycle to get doughnuts from the store. We brought the doughnuts to school in their boxes and just placed the toppers during the snack time.


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