How to Join Online Contests

1 Sep

My friends and family call me lucky because I win all kinds of prizes from different contests. When I win stuff online I just tell people I’m naturally lucky. I tell them this because,well, I don’t have time to explain the psychology of luck to every person who asks why or how I win these things. 🙂  (Google Richard Wiseman and the Luck Factor.)

I only started joining contests in 2008 after I met Rowena Lei of Animetric. When I met her, Ro was considered a contest queen who had won gadgets, a trip to Singapore and all kinds of prizes from all kinds of contests.  I believe it’s because of her that the mommies in the social network Multiply learned of online promos and give-aways.

Because I’m online 15 hours a day, it’s easy for me to discover online promos and contests. I don’t join every single contest that I find, only those that are very easy to join (leave a comment, tweet, etc.) , are worth my time (with expensive prizes like ipad, etc.) or are simply fun to do.

Here’s a simple guide on joining contests so you too can win awesome prizes online:

1.) Choose contests that are worth your time– the reason I sound extremely lucky is because I win most of the contests I join.  And this is partly because, like I said- I don’t join every single contest I stumble upon.  Instead of wasting countless hours on hundreds of contests, I take the time to make good entries for the few contests that I join.

Most of the contests I join require no more than a few minutes to do.  I won two prizes from Daphne Oseña Paez’ blog on two different occasions.  I like her promos cause she makes it very easy to join- you just need to leave a comment. When contests are easy, I join them right away. I think of a good comment and do my entry. P 3000+ worth of Evita Peroni accessories for my 10 minutes is worth it right?

2.) Put in the needed effort- When the prizes are attractive, promos usually get many participants.  During judging, do you think your short comment will win against another participant’s creative entry? Uhm, NO.

3.) Follow contest junkies online- There are people who get a kick out of joining contests, follow their social networking accounts so that you can get promo updates.  I post online contests on my Facebook page: . Follow me 😉

Look, I won an iPad at an event. If I weren’t following the right people online, I wouldn’t have known about the event,  I wouldn’t have gone there and wouldn’t have won an iPad.

4.) Start a blog- There are contests that will require you to blog. Start a blog NOW so that you already have one should the need arise.

5.) Remember all contests that you join– write them down if you have to.  The winner of my first blog give-away did not claim her prize, even after I sent her a PM in Twitter. It seems she doesn’t really use her Twitter and yet that’s the account she used for the give-away.  I’m sure she doesn’t really follow my blog cause I blogged about the winner. She probably forgot about the contest and my URL 😀

5.) Share– share information online and help people with their contests.  Promos and contests are supposed to be fun.


One Response to “How to Join Online Contests”

  1. caroline September 1, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    thanks for this razz. i need to blog…. =)

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