Bed and Breakfast

8 Sep

I am not big on dogs. I don’t hate them but I can certainly live without them.

Now, my brother-in-law, he loves his dog.  When he got married in Palawan in 2005 he had to spend for the doggy’s airfare as well as the  paperwork required to bring the dog with him because there was no one he could leave the dog with.  The dog’s trip to Palawan cost him an arm and a leg (my BIL got married in December so it was peak season for travelers).

Today, an online friend suggested a Facebook page to me: Blackie’s Bed and Breakfast.

I looked at the page thinking it was a new bed and breakfast for humans but it turns out Blackie’s is a bed and breakfast for pets! I should have figured that out just by reading the business name. haha. The doggy bed and breakfast is located at a village in Montalban, Rizal. The company can pick up the dog from your place and then bring it back if you think the place is too far.A Bed and Breakfast for Your DoggieThis is not exactly a personal recommendation as I’ve not tried their services (I don’t have a dog and have no plans of getting one) but I’m posting this here because I really think that there are pet owners out there who could use this kind of service.

The fees seem affordable to me- P100 per day for feeding, brushing, exercise, and shelter for one (1) short-haired dog.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 212-3261 or 0906-2147059, or email

If you end up trying their service, I hope you can come back here and leave a comment on how satisfied you are with Blackie’s services.

We want to make sure people discover new and satisfactory products and services out there  🙂


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