Review: CBS’ Mike and Molly

22 Sep

I’m  not very good with reviews because I never know the right words to say when describing films, TV shows or restaurants. I either like something or I don’t like it. Those are the only things that matter to me.  Plus I like most things so…

Chuck Lorre and Mark Roberts launched new sitcom Mike and Molly yesterday.  Chuck Lorre produces some of the most endearing TV sitcoms today including The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.  The show is about the budding romance of Mike and Molly who met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.  There are many TV programs that show the challenges of adult dating and love but I believe this is the first one to show the difficulties of finding love when one is obese.

Mike and Molly: When Two Fat People Find Love

The show covers the different emotions fatties feel. It’s so touching and real, the “fatty confessions” at the OA meetings made me cry. I think I got all emotional about the show because I really am trying my best these days to lose weight and I am experiencing a bit of success. I think even when I reach my ideal weight, the little fatty will always remain inside me, wishing I didn’t care about my weight and that I would allow myself to stuff my face with doughnuts.

I’m 5 ft tall but I have never gone beyond 150 pounds.  I’m a fatty but can still pretty much fit into doorways and stuff. But being fat, it’s a very emotional thing. No matter how happy I am, no matter what I do in life, when I’m fat I get a little sad about it.  Just a little feeling of sadness, a feeling I can easily brush off and ignore until I see a new photo of me in skinny jeans that are actually straight cut 🙂  When you’re fat, you can go from feeling sorry for yourself to denying you  even eat too much to flat out lying to yourself about your weight.  There are moments you tell yourself it’s OK whatever package you come in because you are an amazing person inside.  There are days you absolutely hate your body.

I wonder if only fat people will end up loving this show? There is a negative review of the TV show here.

The fat jokes may be typical. But believe me, that’s the kind of treatment fat people get in real life.

Mike and Molly airs every Mondays,  9:30-10:00 pm ET/PT on CBS.


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