How to Make a Bow Headband

23 Sep

What you need:

  • An old headband
  • Different kinds of ribbons
  • Glue
  • A sewing kit
  • pearls and beads

1.) Cover your headband by twirling a nice ribbon around it.  I used a purple ribbon with gold threads to cover the headband. This was easy to do because the headband I used is covered with cloth. The old headband came with Nicole’s Princess Jasmine costume but the little sparkly stone in the middle had already fallen off.

The covered part is on the right

I used a little hair clip to hold the ribbon while taking this picture.  As you can see the right side is already covered with ribbon. The left part shows the dirty cloth cover. To close the ends, use a bit of glue and then stitch them up.

2.) Make different designs with your ribbons.  Layer them and go crazy with them.  You can stitch up the bows or you can use glue whenever necessary.  Using the glue was tough because I don’t have a glue gun and had to use a candle to melt my glue stick (NOT recommended, the candle turned the glue black).

Cut up ribbons depending on how big you want your bows to be

Stitch up the bows in the middle

I also have little flowers from the bookstore and I just glued little pearls and crystals in the middle of the flowers.

Just layer the bows and work on creating a cohesive design.  It’s hard not to go over the top with these things,  I had so much fun!

I also found a little plastic Hello Kitty from one of Nicole’s old hair clips and glued that to the middle of the bow.

3.) Glue everything together!  If you have the patience, stitch them.  Then glue the finished design on top of your headband and tada!

The finished product 🙂


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