How To Jazz Up Your Vintage Dress Form

27 Sep

Here’s a little project I did for another project I am working on. It’s something you can do in case you have an old dress form lying around your house somewhere 😀

Jay and I picked up an old male dress form from his parents’ home last year.  The dress form is older than us!  It came from his grandfather’s tailoring shop in the 60s.

The dress form was covered in black cloth that was already tattered and falling apart so I decided to just tear the whole cover off.  I don’t know what came over me that I decided to paint it a bright yellow. It’s not exactly the coolest color to use on a mannequin/dress form.

So this is what I decided to do with it this time: I covered the dress form with pages from an old magazine (Sesame Street magazine from the 70s):
What you will need:

  • old dress form
  • old magazines
  • glue (I used home made glue: boiled water + corn starch)
  • scissors
  • spray fixative

1.) Cut small pieces of paper from the magazines. I cut up pages of old Sesame Street Magazines from the 70s. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have used these old and precious magazines but oh well…

Pages of old magazines +

home-made paste (boil corn starch in water)

2.) Glue the small pieces of paper all over the dress form.

Initially, I made the mistake of sticking whole pages at the back of the dress form. Not a very bright idea.  It was hard to lay them flat especially because the surface was not very smooth.

What you want to do is cut up paper to about 4×4 inches. Small pieces of paper are easier to arrange into a neat collage.

This is NOT the way to do it:

3.) Spray fixative.

The result: A new funky dress form!

** Have not found the time to visit a hardware or arts supply store to buy a fixative but it should be easy to get one from major malls.


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