No Plastic Bag Day

30 Sep

Wednesday is now NO PLASTIC BAG DAY at the following malls and supermarkets in the Philippines:

Ayala Malls
Ever Malls
Hi-Top Supermarket
Isetann Malls
Robinson’s Supermart
SM Hypermart
SM Supermarkets

Instead of getting the usual grocery bags for free, the malls will be charging a small amount for the use of plastic bags. The stores will also provide incentives for clients who bring their own bags.

This is our reusable bag story:  We forced ourselves to develop the habit of bringing reusable bags. I’m really proud to say that now we always have our bags with us when we go to the stores.

Here’s a very important tip if you want to go green: DO NOT BUY RECYCLABLE BAGS. Use whatever inexpensive cloth or nylon bag you have at home.  Buying a new “Eco Bag” for the purpose of going green is ridiculous. It totally depletes the purpose of using reusable bags for shopping. Think about the water, the fuel and the resources that was used to make that eco bag.

This is the second bag that we use (the other one is a Whole Foods grocery bag which my friend Mac gave me):

It’s a Goldilocks cloth bag that I got from a Nuffnang event. This is where we put all dry goods from the grocery and also all the veggies that we buy.  This is perfect cause you can roll it up and store in your back pocket if you like.

When you start bringing your own bags, you’ll really notice just how often you’ll have to refuse bags from merchants.  Depending on how much stuff you buy, you’ll end up refusing 5-10 pieces of small plastic bags every trip. Imagine how many plastic bags we’ll all end up not using if we all bring our own bags when we go shopping 🙂


2 Responses to “No Plastic Bag Day”

  1. tanya ortha October 6, 2010 at 4:59 am #

    Kudos on going green Razz! We also use eco bags. Like you, I don’t buy new ones anymore. I maximize what we have at home already. We’ve lots of them that came free with purchases from Watson’s, Toy Kingdom, Mini-Stop, and othe shops.

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