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The Goldilocks-Nuffnang Blogging Contest Year 2

23 Oct

It’s year 2 of the Goldilocks-Nuffnang blogging contest.  I am getting used to losing now. LOL.

Blogger KCat won the iPad from Goldilocks. Her mother described her as the “fashionistang bingi at lakwatserang naka-wheelchair

KCat with the Goldilocks Marketing Team

Kcat or Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza blogged about her illness (Neurofibromatosis Type 2) and how she chooses to live an active lifestyle despite the many things she can no longer do physically. “I can’t but I CAN,” she said.

The theme of always seeing the glass half-full continues to be the strongest message in the Goldilocks-Nuffnang blogging contest.  Most of the winners have had to overcome great tragedies and difficulties in their lives.

The only tragedy I must overcome in my life is my weight 😛  My entry is here if any of you are interested 🙂

To the contestants of the Goldilocks-Nuffnang contest, see you all next year 🙂


Sweet Hopia Winner for 250 Friends Raffle

18 Oct

Just posted the winner of the Sweet Hopia Facebook page raffle in the Sweet Hopia blog.

There will be another raffle when the page reaches 500 friends so just keep liking the Sweet Hopia Facebook page.

Thanks 🙂

Gadget Review: The Nokia C3

17 Oct

I know this phone was released in April 2010 but I only got one  yesterday so I thought I should do a review 🙂

The Nokia C3 is an entry-level messaging phone that comes packed with basic social networking features.


Hot Pink Nokia C3


I was suckered by my husband into buying the Hot Pink Nokia C3 but this phone also comes in slate gray and golden white. I didn’t like the golden white model but I think I would’ve liked the gray one (I didn’t take a look at it, I should have). Getting the pink one seemed like a good idea while I was in the store. Now I feel kindda ridiculous for having a hot pink phone.  Have I mentioned my laptop skin is Hello Kitty?  I feel like Elle Woods.

You gotta hand it to Nokia for creating user-friendly phones. I’m not very tech-savvy and this is just the perfect phone for me. I was able to connect to the mall’s wifi and send my first tweet 15 minutes after buying my phone. My husband bought a Blackberry and  it took a bit of googling for him to figure out how to connect to the wifi 😛  The Nokia C3 has shortcuts to Twitter and Facebook on the main menu and it only takes a few clicks to connect to them.  The phone will ask you what connection you want to use, and you just have to click on “search available WLAN”.  There was free wifi at the mall and we have wifi at home so it was pretty easy to get internet connection yesterday.  Tweets don’t load as fast as when you’re using a laptop or an ipad but I really have no problem with it.  The phone also has a QWERTY keypad making messaging easy.  So far, I’ve also tried accessing my email and YM using the phone and it works fine.  In fact, it works so fine I had to turn off email notifications in my Facebook account because I was getting an email alert every couple of minutes on my phone.

The camera  (2.0 megapixel) does not take the brightest photos and again, I am OK with that.  I don’t really use my phone for taking pictures anyway.  I’m sure it would still come in handy for when I need to take random photos of funny stuff when I’m on the road and I don’t have my camera with me.

The shop girl said I should get a Nokia e63 but I told her I don’t need a more expensive phone.  Honestly, I hardly use my phone; I just needed to get a new phone because I was using a battered Nokia 6020.

The Nokia C3 now retails for P 6,500 without memory card.

The phone’s full specs:

▪ 2.4 inch QVGA display
▪ 320 x 240 pixel resolution
▪ 262K colors
▪ Series 40 User Interface
▪ Full QWERTY keyboard
▪ Opera Mini
▪ Wi-Fi
▪ 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
▪ Media Player
▪ Stereo FM Radio
▪ Built-in hands-free speaker
▪ 55 MB internal memory
▪ 8 GB expandable memory
▪ 2 GB MicroSD card included
▪ 3.5mm headphone jack
▪ Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
▪ OVI Chat
▪ OVI Share
▪ 7 hours talktime
▪ 20 days stand-by time


13 Oct

Last August I won a pair of shoes from a blogging contest.  I will not say which blog, I will not say which shoe sponsor because I don’t want to badmouth anyone for  a pair of shoes.

I never got the shoes.  One month after the blog contest, I sent a private message on Facebook to one of the other winners to ask if she received her pair. She said NO.  Then two weeks after that Facebook exchange (1 1/2 months after the contest) I emailed the blog author to ask about the prize. She said the other winners received their pairs two weeks before (Yup, the same week I asked the other winner if she got hers).  When I told the blog owner I didn’t get mine and that the shoes might have been lost in transit, all she said was – “Yikes”. I didn’t know what to tell her after that. I was of course curious if I would be sent a new pair or if that was that. Because I did not receive any message from her anymore, I sent an email to the shoe sponsor to inform them that I never received my prize. The sponsor just asked for my mobile number so that they could contact me after they call their courier to ask what happened to the shoes.  No word from them since October 1. That’s it.

When I was told by the sponsor that they did send my prize through  JRS express two weeks before, I really thought, that’s it I won’t be getting my shoes anymore. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel sad. Free shoes are free shoes you know. And it’s not like they were entirely free. I did spend time writing my blog entry for the contest and time IS money.

Although I am no longer expecting the pair of shoes to arrive, I was expecting they would get in touch with me to tell me- yes, the courier company has misplaced the shoes. And that they would tell me straight- we cannot replace the shoes anymore.

I know shit happens. I just feel bad that they seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to keep people hanging.  Whatever.

I’m just going to get a pair of ballet flats, and I won’t be buying from that shoe sponsor 😛

500 for 500

8 Oct

Sweet Hopia  (that’s me BTW 😛 ) will raffle one (1) P 500 SM Gift card when the Sweet Hopia page reaches 500 friends.

The Sweet Hopia facebook page is here. You don’t have to do anything but ‘LIKE’ the page.

For international readers, the prize will be $12 sent to your Paypal account.


How to Prepare Quick and Easy Tacos

4 Oct

This is very quick and easy to do: 15 minutes tops to prepare and cook.

What you need:

  • 1/2 – 3/4 kilograms ground beef (ground pork works too)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 pack McCormick Taco mix
  • onion
  • tomato
  • lettuce (or cabbage, it’s all up to you)

1.) In a pan, mix taco mix with water.

Taco Mix

2.) Put beef in the mixture and cook. You can wait until there’s only meat and oil or you can leave a bit of sauce in.

I like to cook a big batch and leave a bit of sauce in. Then I let the beef cool down, put the mixture in a plastic container and store it in the freezer. Instant merienda for the whole week 😉

Cook: beef plus water and taco mix

3.) Dice onion & tomato and cut up lettuce.

Diced onion, tomato and lettuce

4.) Mix the veggies with the cooked beef and put in taco shells. Or you can use nachos like we do at home. They still work well with the beef mixture promise!

Mega Mexicana Nachos

We just heat up the nachos in the oven toaster and they become warm and crunchy! YUM!

Optional: You may add the following for greater yumminess!

  • sour cream
  • grated cheese
  • hot sauce