The Goldilocks-Nuffnang Blogging Contest Year 2

23 Oct

It’s year 2 of the Goldilocks-Nuffnang blogging contest.  I am getting used to losing now. LOL.

Blogger KCat won the iPad from Goldilocks. Her mother described her as the “fashionistang bingi at lakwatserang naka-wheelchair

KCat with the Goldilocks Marketing Team

Kcat or Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza blogged about her illness (Neurofibromatosis Type 2) and how she chooses to live an active lifestyle despite the many things she can no longer do physically. “I can’t but I CAN,” she said.

The theme of always seeing the glass half-full continues to be the strongest message in the Goldilocks-Nuffnang blogging contest.  Most of the winners have had to overcome great tragedies and difficulties in their lives.

The only tragedy I must overcome in my life is my weight 😛  My entry is here if any of you are interested 🙂

To the contestants of the Goldilocks-Nuffnang contest, see you all next year 🙂


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