Life Lesson #2

19 Nov


This is an important lesson I hope you learn early.  I learned it a little late, but still glad I did.

Know when to keep your mouth shut.

I don’t know why people think being opinionated is a highly-desirable trait. It is not.  Remember this- you don’t have to let every single opinion that forms in your head spill out of your mouth. It takes more strength to keep your mouth shut and to keep your cool than it is to talk. People will say stupid things; that is their problem, not yours.

Everyone has opinions. Some people have opinions they pull out of their ass and are not based on facts. Sure, you are entitled to your own opinions, baby. It doesn’t mean you always have to let others know what they are. It’s also possible you think you are right when you are not.

One more thing, you will have prejudices for sure, I hope I raise you knowing that just because you think a certain way about certain things, it doesn’t mean you will allow your prejudices to reign supreme. Keep your prejudices to yourself. Work a way to tame them. Keep your mouth shut. When you start thinking bad thoughts, bite your tongue.

Here’s another reason you should know when to shut up– there’s no winning an argument with a fool. Sometimes it’s enough that you know you are right, you don’t have to win all arguments. Do not allow your ass to get dragged into a stupid argument with someone who is unreasonable. Let the fool remain a fool.  Sometimes all you need to do is to speak your mind once. Do not attempt to change a mind that’s already dead set on something. You’re just looking for a fight.

People know what they know. People like what they like. They don’t have to like what you like; you don’t have to like what they do.

In the next letter, I’ll tell you life lesson #3 (Be Teflon) which is connected to this lesson. I’ll explain next time. I love you.



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