Life Lesson #3

1 Dec


Here’s another life lesson that will help you lead a happy life– be Teflon.
When I say “be Teflon”, I mean don’t let anything stick. Especially the bad stuff– the mean words that will be said to you, and the bad experiences you will go through– learn to brush them off.

I don’t want you to be a push-over, but really some fights are not worth getting into. As you go through life, you will learn which fights are worth your time. You fight for the good things; you fight for the things that hold real value in your life (For me, your dad has always been gold. You, baby, are platinum. I will fight for you two to my grave).

When you don’t let anything stick, you are not allowing anger to define you. I have been pissed and disappointed in people many times, a few times I even had murder in my mind. People still continue to annoy me even just online but as long as I don’t act on my anger, then I am not spending any energy on the matter.

There have been times I ranted to people (e.g. your dad, tita Arlene, tito Rem) but these people are sane, reasonable and grounded; they are not the type to fuel anger into rage.  Your dad understands I try my best to be a good person and allows me to rant. Your Tita Arlene is amazing at telling me to chill without offending me. Your tito Rem, minces no words and tells me what I need to hear. Or sometimes he has more emo stuff to deal with and I end up consoling him :)) But you see what you need to do when anger builds up inside you? Tell a few people you can trust and let it go.

Let it go. That’s what I mean about being Teflon. You have to have the ability to let things slide. Keep your ego in check. It’s so easy to be offended by a million and 1 things, sometimes you just have to tell yourself- it’s not people’s intention to hurt you (and even if it is their intention to hurt you or annoy you, you can’t let them win.)

Your dad is now home. I will write you another letter next week for life lesson #4.




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