I Can’t Breathe

17 Dec

Christmas is my favorite holiday because it’s close to my birthday, and ever since I was a kid, there’s usually some extra cash to spend during the month. But this month has been pretty insane for us. There was a bit of sad  news last month and I think Jay and I are coping by spending and eating more than we should. Let’s not even talk about Nicole’s schedule.  Her schedule is driving me and Jay crazy because we like to do things as a family. If Nicole has dance practice 3x a week, that means we’re all at the dance studio 3x a week.

She had her dance recital last Sunday and her stage rehearsal last Saturday, so we had to kiss that weekend goodbye. I even had to turn down a blogger event at the Fun Ranch 😦

Nicole at Her Ballet Recital

Later today, Nicole has another dance recital at school plus a 2-hour dance practice for their Christmas show on Sunday. She’s supposed to have a mall show on Sunday too, but Jay put his foot down and said there’s no way we’re going to travel one hour to Robinson’s-Imus to do the mall show and then go back to Silang to attend the Christmas show in the evening.

I seriously can’t breathe. I can’t even think of what food to bring to her recital potluck later.

In other news, we’re spending Christmas at a hotel in Makati. We’ll be checking in on the afternoon of December 24 and checking out on the 26th. Yay! Perfect, because J&J sent me a disposable camera to document my daughter’s Christmas memories. I’m supposed to take photos of Nicole this Holiday season and then a messenger from the company’s PR firm will pick up the camera in 3 weeks. No other instructions were given. I hope my photos turn out cool 🙂

Kodak Camera

Disposable Camera from J&J

I’m looking forward to working out at the hotel gym, swimming and eating out.

I love my life, I really do. But this month, I could just tear my hair out from the stress.

Merry Christmas. LOL.


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