These Shoes Are Not Made For Walking

20 Dec

I ordered Frollic Shoes for Nicole online, and they arrived two weeks ago. This is how they look now:

Frollic Shoes

These shoes are clearly not made for frolicking . I kind of expected they would get banged up pretty easily when I finally saw them in person, but then, I knew they were take-away shoes so it’s not like they were supposed to come with thick soles or anything…the problem is, this pair was bought completely on impulse.

I thought Nicole could use a pair of take-away shoes (never mind that her feet are so small, it doesn’t matter if the shoes could be folded or not- they’d easily fit in my bag). I didn’t think I would actually have time to go to a mall to get Nicole shoes so I ordered this pair. So yeah, I think I made the wrong decision in buying the Frollic shoes because Nicole likes to skip and hop (as all kids do).

I wish I knew I’d have the opportunity to go to Shangri-la Mall, cause I would have waited and bought one of these instead:

Ichigo Tiny Dinty

Ichigo Mischa

These pairs are from Ichigo Shoes. They’re P550 a pair. I got the Frollic for P405 (shipping fee included). If I had waited, I would have gotten a nicer pair for just an additional P 145.

Plus the Frollic shoes are completely flat. The Ichigo shoes look like they have a bit of arch support (which I know now, after undergoing 3 PT sessions for my Plantar Fasciitis, is a huge deal).


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