We Can’t Go Back to That Life

18 Jan

There was about a year when Nicole was a baby that I worked full time in Manila during the day, and Jay worked full time (also in Manila) at night.  We didn’t have meals together as a family because by the time Nicole would wake up, I had to be on my way to Manila. When I would get home, Jay has either left for work or only had 15 minutes to spare. Weekday romps (if we could manage any) were always quickies. We communicated through text messages. Nicole spent most of her time with my parents. We weren’t living life as a “family” (at least not in the way I think families should live).

Then in 2006, I left my last corporate job. I have spent most of my time home since then.

Last December, I considered going back to corporate work because we’re about to face financial changes in March this year.

But I realized last night how we can’t go back to that kind of life.

Yesterday, I spent 8 hours in Manila (some 42 km away from my home) for some training. I spent 4 hours total in a bus. I had to leave for Manila soon after Nicole left for school. I communicated with Jay through text the whole day. When I got home, I picked up Nic from my mom’s place. Jay was already in Manila.

Me (to Nicole): I missed you so much today.

Nicole: What about papa, he missed two of us.


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