And This is Why I Send Nicole to Her School

24 Feb

Nicole does not know how to read yet. Which is fine. We’re not in a hurry (plus this topic requires a separate blog post altogether).

But I love her school because I really think they’re helping me mold Nicole to be the kind of person I want her to be. You know, the kind of person who even if she weren’t my daughter, I would like.

The other day she went home with a Get Well Soon card from her entire class.

Of course I cried! I cry about everything.

Get Well Soon Card from The Kinder Bubuyog Class

The kids in her class said they will give me hearts and flowers so I would get better soon. One kid said he’ll give me a pillow! ❤

Reading, Writing, Math are things you can continue to learn and get better at through the years. Compassion, self-awareness, love for the environment and the other good traits they teach Nicole at her school, are stuff I believe are important for kids to learn VERY EARLY in life.



One Response to “And This is Why I Send Nicole to Her School”

  1. Joyax March 11, 2011 at 3:31 am #

    Wow. Nice school. Tama po talaga yung post niyo Ma’am.

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