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23 May

A few months ago, I hinted that things were going to change for our family this year. In October last year, my husband’s company informed his team that their division would be dissolved and support services for their product would be transferred to India. The company gave them 6 months to prepare for this change. Jay spent his last day at work last Feb. 28.

While I had a slight fear things might get a little difficult for us emotionally and financially, things are not bad at all. Except for the days Jay gets restless at home, we actually have great days.  Financially, things are not difficult because Jay received a good amount of money from his old company. Not a huge amount, but certainly enough for us to get by.

First thing we did was pay off some left-over debt. (One of these days I will blog how important it is to pay debt). Now, we just do as much freelance work as we can, so that we have money coming in to take care of our expenses.

Life is good. Everyday I thank God for the life I have. Everyday we wake up and we’re all together. To me that is all that matters.