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Time Flies

1 Mar

There are moments when  life is so perfect and I’m so happy with Nicole I try to take a mental picture and I pray, “Dear God, don’t let me forget this moment. Don’t let me forget the expression on Nicole’s face, or how I feel right now.”

All mothers who are in love with their children often say time passes by too quickly. You want to be able to freeze time but you also don’t want to; because this little person you are so in love with gets even prettier, smarter, and just overall better with the passing of time.

Nicole tells me she will live with me forever; that she will travel with me when she’s an adult. She even tells me she’ll go home to me even when she’s already in college. And yet, looking at how her personality has grown in just a year, how she insists her dad and I can go off and leave her alone in the house (she’s only 6 so we don’t), and how she spends her free days at her friend’s house, I just know she’ll go off and have many adventures on her own without me. It’s all bittersweet. I’d be afraid if she decided to live with me forever. LOL. And yet it’s also sad to think about the day she’ll finally be off on her own.

Today I sent Nicole to school with a folder containing her baby pictures. They’re having their pictures taken for their prep graduation and they’re going to use the baby photos for their graduation slideshow (or yearbook, I’m not sure). So last night, I went through CDs and hard drives to look for her baby pics (our photo archive’s a crazy mess). I showed Nic her baby pictures and she giggled at all her naked photos. She also told me not to submit the photo below to her school because she didn’t have teeth in it.

My 6-year-old sweetie, embarrassed about her toothless grin that I loved. It’s all bittersweet I tell you.