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6 Oct

My baby’s excited to get her ears pierced today. Which is how things should have been in the first place. Now she is 7. Now she wants it. Now she’s willing to go through the pain to have it.

I was pissed (she was too) when we had her ears pierced when she was a teeny baby because I did it just to shut people up. I was a new mom and didn’t handle the pressure of people telling me what to do with my baby well. You won’t believe how much her unpierced ears bothered people. It was ridiculous. People would go on and on about how she looked like a boy because she was bald and didn’t have earrings.

I used to think, “Wow, haven’t these people seen My Girl?”

When we took her to the doctor to get her ears pierced the first time, and she wailed at the doctor’s clinic, I felt I had betrayed her so I could make people lay off me.

Yes, I like to overthink things. LOL.

No, but seriously, now the act of getting her ears pierced becomes a meaningful act even though her reason for wanting it is totally superficial (she wants to wear glittery things on her ears).