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Beware of Online Scam: Online “Boyfriend” Sending Goods

12 Aug

Last week my husband told me the story of how his office mate (he started a new job, yay!) was scammed by her “boyfriend”.

Here’s how it all went down:

  • Foreign boy adds girl on Facebook
  • Boy and girl form friendship
  • Boy and girl exchange messages online
  • Boy and girl become a couple
  • Boy tells girl he sent a balikbayan box containing expensive gadgets (ipad, iphone, etc.) and a handbag that contains money inside (approximately half a million pesos). Seriously, no one falls in love that hard online.
  • After a few days, girl receives anonymous phone call from the “customs” of a country I can’t remember now; package said to be on hold because of the money that was inside the bag. Girl was told to send $500 for “customs clearing”
  • Girl borrows money from people so she can send $ to “customs”
  • Girl declined service at Western Union 2x; was told to verify recipient because it could possibly be a scam
  • Girl goes to a different remittance center to send money
  • A few days later, girl receives another phone call saying box is now in another country, once again on hold at “customs”. The caller is now asking for $2000
  • Now everyone knows the girl’s been scammed, but,
  • Girl now worried about where to get $2000.  O_O

I really think it’s OK to add people you don’t know online (I’ve formed good relationships with people I only met on the internet) BUT:

  • Don’t send money to people you haven’t met personally.
  • Only lend money you can afford to lose (and still, only to people you know).
  • Do not fall for get-rich quick schemes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If anyone tells you a person you know has been in an accident/detained/lost all his money in a foreign country and can’t afford to go home, call the person first, or find other ways to verify the story.
  • Keep your online accounts up-to-date.
  • Use alphanumeric passwords for important online accounts.
  • Do not allow other people to use any of your financial accounts.
  • Make sure you type the URL when accessing paypal or other financial portals instead of relying on your browser history or worse, accessing the portal through links inside emails.

Life Lesson For Girls #1

2 Nov

A few years ago, a  friend suggested I blog about  life/love lessons so that Nicole can read about them when she grows up. I think I may have blogged about love lesson #1 in the past ( I can’t remember anymore) but because today I read a post online that made me remember this very important tip for girls, I am blogging about it.

Here’s lesson #1, this is important not just for little girls, I know some women could use this lesson– unless a boy tells you he loves you, you do NOT assume anything. It’s really simple, If he tells you nothing, you always think there’s NOTHING there.  This will save you from a lot of heartaches and even embarrassment. It doesn’t matter if the boy takes you home, calls you every single day, holds your hands, kisses your forehead, worries about you when you are sick, etc. If he doesn’t tell you he loves you, you do NOT make a move.  You pray to God he gets the courage to actually tell you he loves you  is what you do, nothing else 😀

I know it’s hard. Everyday, you’ll feel like you’re in a battle to stop your chest from exploding. There will be many points in your life when you’ll rationalize- your heart wants what it wants.  But it would suck a lot more if you find out the guy actually makes a million other girls feel special. Or that the guy likes you, but does not love you, at least not enough for him to face his fears and actually tell you.

Maybe one day, I will blog about this again. Maybe I’ll use better words to explain, but for now, you’ll have to trust me on this- unless a boy tells you he loves you, the smart thing to do is think he does not.

How Nicole Got Her Passport Through TELESERV

29 Jul

Here’s the step-by-step process on how we applied for Nicole’s passport.

Nicole at Counter #30 🙂


  • Jay called  TELESERV at 737-1111 and requested for Nicole’s NSO-printed birth certificate.
  • We went to an RCPI center to pay the fee (I think the fee was less than P400). The rate was pretty affordable considering we didn’t have to go to NSO, line up, and spend on transportation and food. Plus Jay only spent 10 minutes on the TELESERV phone call. So no time wasted.
  • Birth certificate was delivered to our home four days later.
  • Jay called 737-1000 (TELESERV number for passport scheduling) to schedule the DFA appointment. Jay called last May, we were scheduled today- July 29. If you intend to get a passport, set an appointment NOW.  The problem is not with Teleserv but with passport issuance at DFA.  I can’t remember why passport scheduling takes that long. It was in the news a few months back.
  • Nicole’s schedule was at 9:30 AM today. We went to DFA  early, around 7:30 AM.  Nicole was accomodated at the senior citizens’ and children’s lane. (YAY! no long lines!). 
  • We had the document from TELESERV verified and got a number for the first step: submission of documents. (TELESERV will give you a list of requirements. )
  • After submitting all the requirements, the man at the counter decided to issue a passport to Nicole, he gave us the billing.
  • We paid at the counter. The fee was P 1,200.
  • We got a number for passport enrollment.
  • Nicole’s photo taken at counter #30.  We verified data on the screen.  I signed the form.
  • We paid for passport delivery through LBC: P120.
  • EXIT

The whole process may seem long, but I swear it was pretty painless.  I’m sure it’s harder for adults who have to go through the regular lanes.

Other people accomodated at the special lane:  Government employees with GSIS and Civil Service Eligibility, Baranggay Officials: Brgy. Captain, Kagawad, and SK Chairman,  and Retired government employees (provided a year has NOT passed since the day of retirement).

How to Turn Off Your Credit Card in iTunes

3 Jul

Wow, 6 hours and counting and I still cannot completely get over the fact that I was charged $80 for We Rule mojos. Boo.

Anyway, a Twitter buddy told me that it is best to remove my credit card information in my iTunes and make purchases using iTunes gift cards instead.

I logged into our iTunes account but could not immediately find account settings. I love Google cause Google helped me find this thread, which lead me to this: iTunes support on account and billing.


Changing Account Information


Learn how to change your name, billing address, email address, and/or credit card information for your iTunes Store account.

How To

All of your account information can be changed from the Apple Account Information page. To get to the Apple Account Information page, follow these instructions:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Choose Store > Sign In.
  3. Enter your account name and password, then click the Sign In button.
  4. Choose Store > View My Account.
  5. Enter your account password and click the View Account button.

I hope this helps 🙂