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6 Oct

My baby’s excited to get her ears pierced today. Which is how things should have been in the first place. Now she is 7. Now she wants it. Now she’s willing to go through the pain to have it.

I was pissed (she was too) when we had her ears pierced when she was a teeny baby because I did it just to shut people up. I was a new mom and didn’t handle the pressure of people telling me what to do with my baby well. You won’t believe how much her unpierced ears bothered people. It was ridiculous. People would go on and on about how she looked like a boy because she was bald and didn’t have earrings.

I used to think, “Wow, haven’t these people seen My Girl?”

When we took her to the doctor to get her ears pierced the first time, and she wailed at the doctor’s clinic, I felt I had betrayed her so I could make people lay off me.

Yes, I like to overthink things. LOL.

No, but seriously, now the act of getting her ears pierced becomes a meaningful act even though her reason for wanting it is totally superficial (she wants to wear glittery things on her ears).


The Parenting Journey: What to Expect

29 Aug

When it comes to raising children, I sound like a broken record because I always say, “time flies”. When you’re losing sleep, struggling to keep your house clean, and at the end of your rope when it comes to disciplining your toddler, it’s hard to see that all your struggles will eventually (soon enough even!) end, BUT in the blink of an eye, your child is suddenly 7 years old and talks like a little adult. Honestly, you end up missing the little rascal that drove you up the wall.

Right now I am kicking myself for deleting my old blog, the one I had when I found out I was pregnant with Nicole. It contained all the details of my pregnancy, from getting tested at a family clinic to finally giving birth and breathing a sigh of relief that my baby’s cute. LOL. It would’ve been nice to be able to reminisce about my pregnancy, the “bestest” period of my life.

When my mom found out I was pregnant with Nicole, she handed me a small pile of books that included my pregnancy bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. If you’re currently pregnant, I suggest you pick up this book.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you’re pregnant with your fist child, but reading up can help calm your nerves. You cannot learn everything you need to know about being pregnant and raising your child by reading a single book (sometimes panic can still set in), but getting a comprehensive book like What to Expect can still help a great deal.

Nicole turned 7 a few weeks ago. While I am super proud I am raising an independent kid, I can’t help but feel a little sad. For those who are reading this blog for the first time, I have no more uterus, which means Nicole is the only kid I will ever have (unless of course we adopt). This means that my parenting journey is, in a way, a third of the way through. The last 7 years have been incredible. Let me tell you, parenting is a roller coaster ride, both exhilarating and scary, you can’t prepare enough for it.

I didn’t get to read the following books but I bet they’re incredibly helpful for first time parents as well.


Summer is Over

9 Jun

That went by pretty quick! The year’s just whizzing by.  I can’t believe half the year is already over.

Like I said in my previous post, my husband lost his job in March this year. So we’ve all been chilling at home. My daughter got to go on 3 swim trips, and we just spent Mother’s Day at the New World Hotel. I think our summer was a success even if we didn’t do go on any out-of-town trips.

The biggest surprise of the summer is how quickly my daughter made friends with our neighbor’s daughter, Alexa. They interacted at the school van the last day of school when everyone at their school was sent home at noon, and the driver took them home the same time. They spent all summer together.

Alexa also invited Nicole to join her at this year’s Jollibee Kids Scout program. That’s the second nicest surprise this summer. I didn’t think Nicole would have as much fun as she did (and for just P500!). She remembers all the lessons her Jollibee kuyas and ates taught her. Nicole was given her own Jollibee shirt and cap; and all the snacks for the 5-day program were already included in the P500 fee.

I know I should have posted this a bit earlier in the summer so other parents would have had the opportunity to enroll their kids in the program, but I really have a major blogging backlog, and am only trying to catch up now. Hey, there’s always next year! 🙂

Jollibee Kids Scout Art Class (Day 3)

Sweet Hopia Winner for 250 Friends Raffle

18 Oct

Just posted the winner of the Sweet Hopia Facebook page raffle in the Sweet Hopia blog.

There will be another raffle when the page reaches 500 friends so just keep liking the Sweet Hopia Facebook page.

Thanks 🙂

Here I go again

28 Jun

This is the second time I am launching Mommy and Money. I started this website in blogger in 2007, registered a domain for it in 2008 and deleted the whole thing in 2009. I let my domain name expire which is why it now costs more if I want to get it back. *Groans*.

In the meantime, I am testing the waters and parking it free here in wordpress. Let’s see how this blog will develop. I will worry about the domain name and hosting later on.

I’m not sure why, but there has always been hesitation on my part to build a blog  for topics related to motherhood and finances even if, as my friend Arlene pointed out, they’re practically the things I write about in my personal blog- Sweet Hopia.

So here I go again. I hope this works out this time.