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How To Make Kiddie Party Invites

5 Aug

1.) Print party details on plain paper. 

I used Centennial board paper for this. P29.95 (<$1) for 10 sheets from National Bookstore.  I only used 3 sheets because I printed 4 invites per page.

2.) Paste Character Cutouts to the invites.

I bought a pack of the Hello Kitty Chipboard Medley from Pandayan Bookstore.  Each pack costsP39.75  (<$1)and contains around 20 HK cutouts.  Nicole helped me glue the HK cutouts to the invites. You can use double-sided tape to make the process easier.  You can also choose to put double-sided tape on the back of the character (do not peel off cover of tape) and then paste the cutouts lightly on the invites so that the kids can re-use the cutout as sticker.

3.) Cut each invite to desired size and paste to Scrapbooking Paper.

Filstar scrapbooking paper costs P29.50 (<$1) per pack. One pack contains 4 sheets of assorted scrapbooking paper.

4.) Cut invites to create finished product.