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Are You Missing Posts from People on Facebook?

26 Aug

Are you missing posts from friends and fan pages in Facebook because you didn’t see them  in your news feed?

Did you create a fan page for your business and have gotten feedback that your followers can’t see your updates in their feeds? The problem is not in your business page’s settings, it’s actually in your followers’.

When I created my personal Facebook account last year, I had set my news feed limit to 250.  That means that I could only see updates from 250 friends in my feed.  I now have more than 250 friends on Facebook and follow more than 2 dozen pages.  I had forgotten about my news feed limit and didn’t realize I was missing updates from people.

A quick change in the news feed settings solved the problem.  Now I can see all updates from friends and Facebook pages.

Here’s how to increase the news feed limit:

1. Go to the bottom of your news feed. You will see “edit options”. Click on it.

Edit Options (click to see larger version of photo)

2. When you click on it, you will see “Number of Friends”

Number of Friends Limit (click on photo)

3.  Enter a number into the box. Make sure you enter a high number so that you can see all the updates from your contacts.

“Control how many friends you want shown in live feed. A higher number means you will see new posts more frequently”.

I have changed my limit to 2000 just to be sure.

If your followers can’t see your page, ask them to increase their news feed limit.  I hope this helps.