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How Nicole Got Her Passport Through TELESERV

29 Jul

Here’s the step-by-step process on how we applied for Nicole’s passport.

Nicole at Counter #30 ūüôā


  • Jay called¬† TELESERV at 737-1111 and requested for Nicole’s NSO-printed birth certificate.
  • We went to an RCPI center to pay the fee (I think the fee was less than P400). The rate was pretty affordable considering we didn’t have to go to NSO, line up, and spend on transportation and food. Plus Jay only spent 10 minutes on the TELESERV¬†phone call. So¬†no time wasted.
  • Birth certificate was delivered to our home four days later.
  • Jay called 737-1000 (TELESERV number for passport scheduling) to schedule the DFA appointment. Jay called last May, we were scheduled today- July 29. If you intend to get a passport, set an appointment NOW.¬† The problem is not with Teleserv but with passport issuance at DFA.¬† I can’t remember why passport scheduling takes that long. It was in the news a few months back.
  • Nicole’s schedule was at 9:30 AM today. We went to DFA¬† early, around 7:30 AM.¬† Nicole was accomodated at the senior citizens’ and children’s lane. (YAY! no long lines!).¬†
  • We had¬†the document from TELESERV verified and¬†got a number for the first step: submission of documents. (TELESERV will give you a list of requirements.¬†)
  • After submitting all the requirements,¬†the man at the counter decided to issue a passport to Nicole, he¬†gave us the billing.
  • We paid at the counter. The fee was P 1,200.
  • We got a number for passport¬†enrollment.
  • Nicole’s photo taken at counter #30.¬† We verified data on the screen.¬† I signed the form.
  • We paid for passport delivery through LBC: P120.
  • EXIT

The whole process may seem long,¬†but I swear it was pretty painless.¬† I’m sure it’s harder for adults who have to go through the regular lanes.

Other people accomodated at the special lane:  Government employees with GSIS and Civil Service Eligibility, Baranggay Officials: Brgy. Captain, Kagawad, and SK Chairman,  and Retired government employees (provided a year has NOT passed since the day of retirement).