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Time Flies

1 Mar

There are moments when  life is so perfect and I’m so happy with Nicole I try to take a mental picture and I pray, “Dear God, don’t let me forget this moment. Don’t let me forget the expression on Nicole’s face, or how I feel right now.”

All mothers who are in love with their children often say time passes by too quickly. You want to be able to freeze time but you also don’t want to; because this little person you are so in love with gets even prettier, smarter, and just overall better with the passing of time.

Nicole tells me she will live with me forever; that she will travel with me when she’s an adult. She even tells me she’ll go home to me even when she’s already in college. And yet, looking at how her personality has grown in just a year, how she insists her dad and I can go off and leave her alone in the house (she’s only 6 so we don’t), and how she spends her free days at her friend’s house, I just know she’ll go off and have many adventures on her own without me. It’s all bittersweet. I’d be afraid if she decided to live with me forever. LOL. And yet it’s also sad to think about the day she’ll finally be off on her own.

Today I sent Nicole to school with a folder containing her baby pictures. They’re having their pictures taken for their prep graduation and they’re going to use the baby photos for their graduation slideshow (or yearbook, I’m not sure). So last night, I went through CDs and hard drives to look for her baby pics (our photo archive’s a crazy mess). I showed Nic her baby pictures and she giggled at all her naked photos. She also told me not to submit the photo below to her school because she didn’t have teeth in it.

My 6-year-old sweetie, embarrassed about her toothless grin that I loved. It’s all bittersweet I tell you.


Life Lesson #3

1 Dec


Here’s another life lesson that will help you lead a happy life– be Teflon.
When I say “be Teflon”, I mean don’t let anything stick. Especially the bad stuff– the mean words that will be said to you, and the bad experiences you will go through– learn to brush them off.

I don’t want you to be a push-over, but really some fights are not worth getting into. As you go through life, you will learn which fights are worth your time. You fight for the good things; you fight for the things that hold real value in your life (For me, your dad has always been gold. You, baby, are platinum. I will fight for you two to my grave).

When you don’t let anything stick, you are not allowing anger to define you. I have been pissed and disappointed in people many times, a few times I even had murder in my mind. People still continue to annoy me even just online but as long as I don’t act on my anger, then I am not spending any energy on the matter.

There have been times I ranted to people (e.g. your dad, tita Arlene, tito Rem) but these people are sane, reasonable and grounded; they are not the type to fuel anger into rage.  Your dad understands I try my best to be a good person and allows me to rant. Your Tita Arlene is amazing at telling me to chill without offending me. Your tito Rem, minces no words and tells me what I need to hear. Or sometimes he has more emo stuff to deal with and I end up consoling him :)) But you see what you need to do when anger builds up inside you? Tell a few people you can trust and let it go.

Let it go. That’s what I mean about being Teflon. You have to have the ability to let things slide. Keep your ego in check. It’s so easy to be offended by a million and 1 things, sometimes you just have to tell yourself- it’s not people’s intention to hurt you (and even if it is their intention to hurt you or annoy you, you can’t let them win.)

Your dad is now home. I will write you another letter next week for life lesson #4.



Life Lesson #2

19 Nov


This is an important lesson I hope you learn early.  I learned it a little late, but still glad I did.

Know when to keep your mouth shut.

I don’t know why people think being opinionated is a highly-desirable trait. It is not.  Remember this- you don’t have to let every single opinion that forms in your head spill out of your mouth. It takes more strength to keep your mouth shut and to keep your cool than it is to talk. People will say stupid things; that is their problem, not yours.

Everyone has opinions. Some people have opinions they pull out of their ass and are not based on facts. Sure, you are entitled to your own opinions, baby. It doesn’t mean you always have to let others know what they are. It’s also possible you think you are right when you are not.

One more thing, you will have prejudices for sure, I hope I raise you knowing that just because you think a certain way about certain things, it doesn’t mean you will allow your prejudices to reign supreme. Keep your prejudices to yourself. Work a way to tame them. Keep your mouth shut. When you start thinking bad thoughts, bite your tongue.

Here’s another reason you should know when to shut up– there’s no winning an argument with a fool. Sometimes it’s enough that you know you are right, you don’t have to win all arguments. Do not allow your ass to get dragged into a stupid argument with someone who is unreasonable. Let the fool remain a fool.  Sometimes all you need to do is to speak your mind once. Do not attempt to change a mind that’s already dead set on something. You’re just looking for a fight.

People know what they know. People like what they like. They don’t have to like what you like; you don’t have to like what they do.

In the next letter, I’ll tell you life lesson #3 (Be Teflon) which is connected to this lesson. I’ll explain next time. I love you.


Life Lesson For Girls #1

2 Nov

A few years ago, a  friend suggested I blog about  life/love lessons so that Nicole can read about them when she grows up. I think I may have blogged about love lesson #1 in the past ( I can’t remember anymore) but because today I read a post online that made me remember this very important tip for girls, I am blogging about it.

Here’s lesson #1, this is important not just for little girls, I know some women could use this lesson– unless a boy tells you he loves you, you do NOT assume anything. It’s really simple, If he tells you nothing, you always think there’s NOTHING there.  This will save you from a lot of heartaches and even embarrassment. It doesn’t matter if the boy takes you home, calls you every single day, holds your hands, kisses your forehead, worries about you when you are sick, etc. If he doesn’t tell you he loves you, you do NOT make a move.  You pray to God he gets the courage to actually tell you he loves you  is what you do, nothing else 😀

I know it’s hard. Everyday, you’ll feel like you’re in a battle to stop your chest from exploding. There will be many points in your life when you’ll rationalize- your heart wants what it wants.  But it would suck a lot more if you find out the guy actually makes a million other girls feel special. Or that the guy likes you, but does not love you, at least not enough for him to face his fears and actually tell you.

Maybe one day, I will blog about this again. Maybe I’ll use better words to explain, but for now, you’ll have to trust me on this- unless a boy tells you he loves you, the smart thing to do is think he does not.

Sponge Cake

7 Sep

It’s no secret my mom and I have a difficult relationship. I make the relationship difficult.  I don’t know why I get annoyed with her.  Well, I do know, but maybe those things shouldn’t even matter that much. I don’t know. I guess I am forgiving of other people’s flaws,but not my mother’s.

Today someone posted a photo of a cake on Twitter–a sponge cake with a hole in the middle.

And I suddenly remembered how my mom used to bake all our birthday cakes.

She always made us sponge cake, exactly like the one that was posted on Twitter.On my 7th birthday, she made me something special- brownies.

I decided when it comes to my mother, I will try hard to focus on the good instead of the bad.

So today I will focus on sponge cakes.

Pagbabago: Making the Healthy Switch

31 Aug

I love baked goodies.  I love them so much that when I went “vegetarian” earlier this year, I was really nothing more than a breaditarian 🙂  I was eating more bread and pastries than veggies! My idea of personal heaven?  A bakery full of freshly baked stuff. I cannot think of a scent more beautiful than the smell of bread.

The things is, having all the baked goodies and sugary treats you want is fine, if you lead an active lifestyle.  Being a stay-at-home mom, the only physical activity I used to have was doing the laundry and I have a washing machine to help with that.

Last February, a  blood test revealed that my blood sugar was through the roof.  I also had high uric acid which resulted in joint pains.  Except for my knees, all the joints in my body hurt.  I was a 31-year-old mother suffering from high blood sugar and arthritis on top of having Pott’s disease.  I felt like an old car that needed a hundred repairs. I was in a very bad state physically.  Although I had struggled with excess weight all of my adult life, I always felt a quickie diet could fix things. I would switch from denial to acceptance and didn’t approach weight loss sensibly. I allowed the pounds to pile on.

Packing on the Pounds

Average Weight Gain Since Age 26: Five Pounds Per Year

In February, I’d had enough.  I finally got sick of being sick and fat. I decided- it doesn’t matter if it takes a long time, I WILL get healthy.

I started running.  I still run today although not as often as when I started.  I may have not lost a lot of weight but I feel so much better about my body. I no longer get easily tired and I feel so much stronger.  Walk/run 5K? Easy-peasy 🙂

Four Months Ago (left) and Today (right): My Jawline Has Reappeared 😉

I also switched to healthier alternatives of the sweet treats I love.  Like I said earlier- I love baked treats. I cannot imagine a life without breads and pastries.  So even if many people try to convince me to drop all carbohydrates from my diet, I simply cannot do it.  So I switched to low sugar and no sugar alternatives instead.  Thank you, Goldilocks for introducing sugar-free treats!

Merienda Time Has Become Goldilocks Go Lite Time

No Need to Drop All Sweet Treats From My Diet

I have lost 10 pounds in the last six months:  From 69.8 kilos I now weigh 65 kilos.  My weight loss probably sounds ridiculously low by other people’s weight loss standards but I’m happy with it since I only need to lose to 1 pound per month to counter the average of 5 pounds per year I gained in the last 5 years. Plus for the first time in my life, I am doing things right. Things are moving at a glacial pace but I am finally moving toward reaching normal weight without experiencing hunger pangs and frustrations.

Since implementing these changes in my lifestyle, I feel lighter and stronger; the joint pains went away almost instantly;  my blood sugar level is now normal; and as an added bonus my hair and skin look healthier. I gained all these benefits without depriving myself of the sweet stuff I love 🙂